July 6, 2024


Gamer is a person who likes to play games, basically the role playing games. However, today the gamer is mainly used to describe a person who plays video games or computer games.

Earlier a typical gamer used to be a male typically in the age group 16-19 years. But today there are older gamers in the gaming community. According to some surveys the average age of the male video gamer in US is 35 years and in UK is 23 years who have been playing video game for over a decade. Also it is estimated that nearly 40 percent of the video gamers are women. There are many subgroups of gamers:

  • Casual gamers: They do not spend much time on playing games and prefer to play simple game rather than complex ones.
  • Hardcore gamers: They spend most of their leisure time on game and are quite dedicated to the cult of video gaming. They are usually quite proficient.
  • Retro gamer: They only collect and play classic old games from the earlier gaming period.
  • Professional gamer: They play for money. They are experts in the games of their choice and seldom play any other game.

A number of video games are released every year. A few games like the “Need For Speed” series and “Prince of Persia” series have been well received by the gamers. Strategy games like the “Age of Empires” as well as “World of Warcraft” have quite a fan following of their own. In the online multi-player arena, “Counter Strike” and “Halo” series have been quite successful. The gamer of today is interested in challenging games whether it is a strategy game or a violent gore filled game. The profile of the gamer has changed and it has become older with a strong female presence. The demand of the current gamers is that the developers understand the change in the gamer attitude and develop games accordingly. The gamers are also on the lookout for games that show creativity of the developer and not simply present the old game, with a few minor modifications, under a new name.